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Angels & Fairies Bisque Items

All bisque items below are unpainted, white in color, and fired to Cone 04…..  To finish the bisque items, just use non-fired and/or fired products…..  These products can be found by clicking on the following hyperlink…..  Paint Companies…. 

Are you ready to order?  Just click on the box next to the item(s) you would like to purchase.  Then, click on any one of the Buy It! Buttons.  After that just simply follow the instructions on the screen.  This is a secure server!  More ordering information can be found at How To Order!  You can also click on the images to enlarge them…..

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  Standing Angel


  Angel Rock Slab


Angel Rock w/Back

    6 1/2"T x 10"W

   Angel Rock w/

     Planter Back


        Angel Pin

          2 1/2"L

Foxglove Fairy Standing


   Spring Fairy Riding

         Unicorn- 9"H

   Fuschia Fairy


       Rose Fairy


Angel w/Accordian

          8 3/4"H

  Angel w/Violin

         8 3/4"H

   Angel w/Harp

         8 3/4"H

Angel Kneeling

        9 1/2"T

Item #CP3049 - $12.50

Item #CP3162 - $7.10


Item #CP3162B - $23.40

Item #CP3162C - $35.20

Item #CP3187 - $7.10

Item #CP3187B - $23.40

Item #CP3187C - $35.20

Item #CP3204B - $11.20

Item #CP3349A - $1.00

Item #G2600 - $20.20

Item #G2831 - $16.40

Item #G2895 - $18.00

Item #G2994 - $17.30

Item #HC210 - $8.40

Item #HC211 - $8.40

Item #HC212 - $8.40

Item #P1062 - $18.00

Item #TB706 - $1.60

No Picture Available at this time!

(Same as Item

#CP3162 w/CP3191)

No Picture Available at this time!

(Same as Item

#CP3187 w/CP3191)

     Girl Angel

        2 1/2"T

     Enchanted Garden

            Rock Slab


Enchanted Garden Rock w/Back -  6 1/2"T x 10"W

  Enchanted Garden Rock 

     w/Planter Back - 7"T

     Small Angel Rock

      w/Back - 4 1/2"T

Item #G2830 - $4.20

   Angel Ornament


Item #G3010 - $15.40



Item #G3452 - $5.20

Tooth Fairy Treasure Box


Angel Treasure Box


Item #G3556 - $5.20

Angel w/Gift Ornament

                2 1/2"

Item #NM2680 - $4.20