KEMPER FLUID WRITER PENS - Great for applying fired gold, lusters, and acrylics.  This tool works like a paintbrush.  All metal pen comes with a stem cleaner.  Instructions included.

WIPE OUT TOOL - Wipes paint off areas that you over painted onto.  Also, used to make fine lines with the pointed silicone tips.

GOLD PENS - Designed specifically for the application of gold and other metallic paints.  This tool holds exactly like a pen, gliding smoothly over the surface.  All metal pen comes with a stem cleaner.  Instructions included.

ITEM #GPL - Wide Line - $13.50

ITEM #FWPL - Wide Line - $13.50

ITEM #WOT - $5.80

SLIP TRAILING BOTTLE - Used by ceramists to flow casting slips and glazes onto ceramic pieces in raised decorative designs.  This bottle comes with a round spout, a ribbon spout, and caps for both spouts.  The large capacity polyethylene bottle is easy to hold and squeeze.

ITEM #STB - $3.00

SPATTER BRUSH - This brush gives you a fine spray or cool blobs of paint on your pieces with no mess.  Simply point the bar toward the area you are spattering.

ITEM #SBT - $5.30

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ITEM #LC43 - Straight 4 1/2" Blade - $6.00

ITEM #LC45 - Straight 3 1/2" Blade - $5.80

ITEM #19A - 3" Trowel Blade - $.55

MEDIUM WRITER KIT - The package contains: plastic 2 oz. bottle, threaded plastic cap, medium metal tip, plastic tip.  Great for writing names and doing design work on your ceramic pieces.

ITEM #AC-222 - $3.65

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