These ULTRA-FINE DECORATIVE GLITTERS have lots of sparkles.  The tiny flakes add colorful dimensions to any craft project from ceramics, paper crafts, signs, and much more.  Glitter holds in place by sprinkling on wet paint or clear medium, white glue, brush on sealer, and more.  Glitters come in 3/4 oz. jars - ONLY $3.50 Each

G2 - Blue

G3 - Green

G4 - Purple

G5 - Orange

G6 - Gold

G7 - Silver

G9 - Black

DIAMOND DUST - Snow-like glass flakes used to decorate trees, lamps, candles, snowmen, and more.  Secure with thinned white glue.

Item #DD - Glass Flakes, Fine 1/2 lb Bag - $7.95


Ruby Red




Glittering Silver


Glittering Gold

#AS974 - $4.05

Glittering Snow, 4 oz. Jar

DUNCAN BRUSH-ON SPARKLERS GLITTERS - These glitter colors are permanent and won't flake or rub off.  They work on most craft surfaces except washable fabric.  Duncan Sparklers can be applied directly on the surface and over other acrylic colors.  Sparklers dries to the touch in two hours. 2 oz. Squeeze Bottle - ONLY $3.40 EACH

DUNCAN NON-FIRED GLITTERING SNOW contains fine glitter particles and has a consistency of whipped cream.  Great for adding texture and glitter to your project.  In addition to ceramic surfaces, this product can be used on wood, plastic, glass, Styrofoam, baskets, grapevine wreaths, glazed ceramic pieces, and more.

Assorted Glitter Products

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