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#SY545  Patch-A-Tatch, 4 oz. - $3.40

#SY547  Wax Resist, 2 oz. - $3.15

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Heirloom Silver

Subtle metallics that have a slight filigree effect.  They can be used for accenting or solid coverage.  You will be able to create the special finishes that make your work unique.


Antique Pewter


Modern Brass


#SY546  Fired Snow, 4 oz. - $3.85

Duncan Fired Snow is a billowy white texture.  It adds dimension up to 3/4" thick

Duncan Patch-A-Tatch is a clay cement for joining attachments.  It mends broken greenware or bisque too!

Duncan Wax Resist repels underglazes and glazes applied over it.  It burns off in firing, revealing designs or base colors.  Wax resist also prevents chipping and cracking when creating sgraffito.