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#AC-302 - Wax Resist, 2 oz. - $2.70

MEDIUM WRITER KIT - The package contains: plastic 2 oz. bottle, threaded plastic cap, medium metal tip, plastic tip.  Great for writing names and doing design work on your ceramic pieces.

ITEM #AC-222 - Medium Writer Kit - $3.75

CLAY CARBON TRANSFER PAPER - This is a specially treated paper for transferring designs or patterns to ceramic greenware and dried glaze or underglaze surfaces.  Place a sheet under the design or pattern and outline with a soft lead pencil or stylus tool.  The design will then be transferred onto the surface and not leave a grease or oil residue which will repel colors.  Any uncolored or remaining tracing lines will disappear after firing.  Clay carbon transfer paper my be re-used!

Item #AC-230 - Package of 12 - $4.00

WAX RESIST - Repels color from the coated area and fires off.  It can be used on greenware or bisque, under, between or on top of any unfired color, to protect coated areas from color.  It can be applied with a brush, sponge, or spattered.