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S-1  Indian Flesh

S-2  Mocha

S-31  Fuchsia

S-4  Jade

S-5  Blue Violet

S-6  Caramel

S-11  Yellow

S-13  Flesh

S-14  Green

S-15  Red

S-16  Purple

S-7  Blue Grey

S-17  Black

S-21  Mustard

S-22  Magenta

S-23  Mediterranean

S-24  Maroon

S-26A  Lime

S-30 Burgundy

S-8  Mint Green

S-9  Gray

S-10  White

S-18  Brown

S-19  Blue

S-20  Red Brown

S-28  Black Brown

S-29A  Pumpkin

S-3A  Cabbage Green

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* Actual colors vary do to the internet browsers used! *

S-12  Orange

Fashenhues translucents are oil-based, but yet water soluble.  Cleans up easily with soap and water.  Basecoat the piece with white.  Brush translucent color onto a small area, wipe or blot with an old shirt.  Colors may be intermixed.  One color may be blended over another for unique shading.  If the piece is decorated with opaque stains, a coat of spray is suggested before antiquing.  Use a light coat of Fash-en-hues spray over translucents when completed.

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