Doc Holliday

     Acrylic Stains (DH)

     Finger-Tip Colors (FT)

     Glitters (GT)

     Metallic & Pearl Stains (DH)

     Texture Stains (DH)

     Specialty Products (SP)


     Concepts (CN)

     Courtyard Art Glazes (CY)

     Cover-Coat Opaque Underglazes (CC)

     Crystals Glazes (CR)

     Discontinued Products

     Envision Glazes (IN)

     E-Z Strokes Translucent Underglazes (EZ)

     French Dimensions (FD)

     Granite Stone (GS)

     Metallic Glazes (SY)

     Non-Fired Snows (AS)

     Oil-Based Translucent Stains (TS)

     Opaque Stains (OS)

     Overglazes & Essence (OG, OA)

     Satin Glazes (SN)

     Sealers (AS,SS)

     Shimmer Glazes (SH)

     Sparklers Brush-On Glitter (SG)

     Specialty Products (SY)

     Ultra Metallics (UM)



     Antiquing Solution (AS)

     Base Coat Colors (C)

     Blending Media (BL)

     Translucent Colors (S)

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     Fun Strokes




     Accessory Products (AC)

     Astro Gems Textural Glazes (AS)

     Classic Crackle Glazes (CC)

     Clear Glazes (S)

     Crystalites Glazes (S)

     Discontinued Products (SD,OS,OV,TL,WG)

     Elements (EL)

     Elements Chunkies Glazes (EL)

     Foundations - Matte (FN)

     Foundations - Opaque (FN)

     Foundations - Sheer (FN)

     Jungle Gem Crystal Glazes (CG)

     Pearls & Dazzling Metallics (SS)

     Pottery Cascades Glazes (PC)

     Overglazes (OV)

     Softees (SS)

     Specialty Glazes (SG)

     Speckled Stroke And Coats (SP)

     Stroke And Coats (SC)

     Translucent Stains - Oil Base (TL)

     Underglazes (UG)

     Wonder Gems (WG)

Overglaze Products (Fired Gold/Luster)

     Duncan Products

     Kemper Fluid Writer Pens

     Mayco Products